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It's simple: Anytime. Anywhere. With Teladoc you have 24/7/365 access to U.S. board-certified doctors.

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Improving Access to Healthcare, While Decreasing Overall Costs

The doctor is always in with Teladoc access from Premier Benefits. Across the country, employers are providing this benefit to their employees to reduce absenteeism, improve attendance, and boost their bottom lines.

With Teladoc, employees (and their families) have virtual access 24/7 to a board-certified physician to discuss symptoms, get treatment options, a diagnosis, and a prescription when necessary – all online or over the phone! So instead of missing work and sitting around in crowded waiting rooms full of sick people, employees can make one video/phone call, get treated, and get back to work. Find out more >

72% of doctor visits are for common illnesses easily treated by telehealth.

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